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Moving this account back to Mastodon. Will be tooting under @christof

Ich werde ab jetzt unter @christof tröten 📯

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Politico has done a huge animated kind of report - travel guide about the new European Sleeper service, and all the places it stops

It's a *massive* piece of work!

I am quoted in there about the prospects of the revival of night trains in Europe

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"But the rationale for this rule is that a road user with a car is in a privileged position the moment they get behind the wheel; they can go faster. It's only fair for this privilege to bear a price. By reversing the burden of proof, the Dutch – in contrast to the Americans – opted to protect a person who is not operating a dangerous vehicle in public space from those who are."

-- "Movement: how to take back our streets and transform our lives", page 106

Netherlands' liability law automatically assigns a car driver 50 per cent liability, when the victim is a child up to the age of 14, then automatically 100 per cent.

When you need to bring in your third bicycle

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Was wir tun, um den Protest der zu verhindern:

-Schutz- u. Beugehaft
-Website sperren
-Als kriminelle Vereinigung behandeln
-Rüge der UN kassieren

Halt einfach alles ausser pariskonforme Klimapolitik.

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they had to call it "alphabetical order, descending" because zz top was already taken

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Mehr macht den Verkehr sicherer, ruhiger, flüssiger und erhöht die Lebensqualität für alle. Mittlerweile fordern 742 Städte und Gemeinden mehr Entscheidungsfreiheit von der Bundesregierung zur Anordnung von Höchstgeschwindigkeiten – durch eine Reform von StVG und StVO.

Mehr Infos zur Initiative "Lebenswerte Städte durch angemessene Geschwindigkeiten", inklusive einer interaktiven Karte mit allen beteiligten Kommunen, unter

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It exists! European Sleeper inaugural departure. 3x a week, Berlin - Amsterdam - Brussels night train. It’s pretty retro, but it’s a heroic effort to even get this to run

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Sei dabei! Am 04. Juni treffen sich Zehntausende Radfahrende in zur großen ADFC 🚴 Gemeinsam setzen wir ein Zeichen: soll für alle jederzeit so bequem, komfortabel und sicher sein wie an diesem Tag!

👉 Alle Routen im Überblick:

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Der 🇩🇪 Bundeskanzler findet die Forderung nach Einhaltung internationaler Vereinbarungen "bekloppt" und der 🇫🇷 Präsident fragt sich wer denn eigentlich hätte erwarten können dass der vergangene Sommer heiss und trocken war.

Macht es da eigentlich Sinn dass wir Wissenschaftler weiterhin versuchen, die Öffentlichkeit neutral und sachlich zu informieren?

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"The world of toys reflect these changes. Lego offers a particularly clear illustration: standard Lego cars are now six studs wide, compared with just four in the 1980s. And they take up more space in Lego City. The faint cycle lane at the side of the road has vanished, while the ‘pavement’ has shrunk by two studs, or even three in some versions. The space allotted to cars has been discreetly expanded, at the expense of the rest of the miniature city."

-- "Movement: how to take back our streets and transform our lives", page 43

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A cycle facility that doesn't allow 2 cyclists to cycle side by side is a tokenistic gesture, not an attempt to provide what cyclists actually need.

If the default for car drivers is side by side seating, then the same must be the default for cyclists.

Chatting & conversing while cycling is normal. Narrow cycle lanes deprive us of this hard-wired human behaviour.


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So schnell kann Verkehrswende gehen: Verkehrssenatorin ist 27 Tage im Amt, schon kommen die Autos zurück in die Fußgängerzone #Friedrichstraße.

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People: "So, what artwork did you see on Naoshima today?"

Me: "This."

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Paris: Schafft 60.000 Parkplätze ab

Lissabon: Hat Zentrum vom Transit-Verkehr befreit

Ljubljana: 97% befürworten die autofreie Innenstadt

Barcelona: Baut 500 Superblocks

London: City-Maut von 14€

Berlin: CDU/SPD bauen eine 400m lange Fußgängerzone zurück. #Friedrichstraße

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"If you want to put the area in front of a school too a different idea, you’re not just a person who wants something else, you’re someone who opposes the norm, an activist."

-- "Movement: how to take back our streets and transform our lives", page 41

Marco te Brömmelstroet about the planned school drop-off zone (or as he calls it, boot-off zone) according to CROW, a Dutch traffic planning manual.

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No one ever asks "how will roads pay for themselves or make a profit". But they do it with the post office and public transit. It's a brilliant messaging strategy to make people forget that their gas guzzling monopoly loses money paid for by taxes, but the other services are held to another standard entirely
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Incredible message and execution, via @kottke.

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“Could we get a set of traffic lights too? A zebra crossing, or give-way markings for motorists? Or perhaps a button for drivers to press - why is there no such thing?”

as Thalia Verkade writes in Movement - how to take back our streets and transform our lives.

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“Women didn’t get the right to vote voting.”
Sticker spotted in Paris

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: „..., um die neun Millionen Tonnen CO2 zu kompensieren, die im vergangenen Jahr zu viel von uns allen im Verkehrssektor emittiert wurden.“

VON UNS ALLEN? Ich war es nicht! Herr Wissing! Sie sind's, die nicht die Rahmenbedingungen für nicht-ideologische, nachhaltige und vernünftige Lösungen schaffen.


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Someone just used the adjective 'pedestrian' and although I've heard that use many times in my life, I just suddenly questioned it.

I mean, given how cookie-cutter and oppressively conformist car-centrism is, it's weird to use 'pedestrian' to mean unimaginative, unremarkable.

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I really wish we could skip the "how do we cram AI into everything?" part of this hype cycle and just move to "what are the few areas where this new technology might actually be useful?" Unlike blockchain and crypto, I feel like there are some interesting potential applications here, but I also don't want to spend the next 2 years slapping down harmful, exploitative, or useless applications of it.